Job Duties for the position:

Perform business and data analysis based on the functional specifications provided by the business users and managers for FARM, Axiom, QRM

  • Involving in the requirements gathering and preparing the BRD documents, Technical specification documents before performing a code change.
  • Participating in business discussions and technical design discussions to support the requirements.
  • Providing development estimates to the project manager based on the business criticality and closely work under the supervision of the technical manager or Lead.
  • Provide ETL design solution to the technical manager and make changes based on the review comments.
  • Designing ETL Mapplets and writing stored procedures.
  • Working with data modelers to develop physical and logical data models.
  • Designing the relational tables in star schema and snow flake schema.
  • Implementing slowly changing dimensions type 1,2.
  • Provide support to all ETL schedule and maintain compliance to same and develop and maintain various standards to perform ETL codes and maintain an effective project life cycle on all ETL processes.
  • Perform root cause analysis on all processes and resolve all production issues and validate all data and perform routine tests on databases and provide support to all ETL applications.

Document, test, implement and provide ongoing support for Oracle and ETL applications.

  • Prepare technical specification documents based on the Business Requirements.
  • Review Business requirement documents (BRD) with the business analyst team and suggest any changes to the logic wherever necessary.
  • Tracking every task and its completion and upload it in SharePoint on daily basis.
  • Unit testing the ETL code and document the steps used in the testing.
  • Using HP ALM Quality center as a defect tracking tool and work on the assigned defects by the QA team.
  • Closely monitor production jobs and assist the production team in case of any failures.
  • Used WINSCP, Putty tools to connect to the UNIX server to add/modify the SQL or UNIX scripts.
  • Used JIRA tool for bug tracking various data issues and update the status in a timely manner.
  • Creating High Level Design documents and conceptual, flow diagrams Creating test cases, unit testing and documentation the Trouble shooting guide.

Interface with users, project manager to ensure that implemented solutions satisfy business requirements and are delivered in a timely manner.

  • Attending business requirement sessions and provide work estimates to the Project manager.
  • Provide updates to the project manager and business users on a bi-weekly basis about the development work.
  • Participating in technical document review sessions with the technical manager / team lead to ensure the logic is implemented correctly and the coding standards are followed.
  • Creating Data lineage Visio diagrams for easy understanding of data flow in between the data marts.
  • Engage with business users to listen and interpret what business side wants to see accomplished, and then translate it into technical output.
  • Analyze and interpret all complex data on all target systems and analyze and provide resolutions to all data issues and coordinate with data analyst to validate all requirements, perform interviews with all users and developers.
  • Develop all data warehouse models and prepare reports for all meta data integration into systems and draft all ETL scripts and prepare required reports for all end users.
  • Collaborate with all developers and business users to gather required data and execute all ETL programs and scripts on systems and implement all data warehouse activities and prepare reports for same.
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